Every Man Should Sign This Agreement

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What Is A Honey Do List?

One of the greatest negotiations I’ve made in my life had absolutely nothing to do with buying a house. Before I get into the details I want to put a disclaimer out. This post is for all of the fellas who may have recently purchased a house with their wife or significant other. You both are excited and full of energy to turn that new house that you just purchased into a home. You have the big yard and garage space that you always wanted and she has that amazing walk-in closet and kitchen that she always wanted. Both of…

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List (No Particular Order)

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Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List…

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List (No Particular Order)

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  1. Lies- After a while lies will start to stack up and eventually they will get so high that they come tumbling down. If they lie to you once your radar should be beeping. If they lie to you again it may be time to cut ties and move on.
  2. Cheating- I’ve cheated before so I’m not writing this as a perfect man. If a person cheats on you they shouldn’t be able to get a second chance to do it again. I’ve cheated more than once in my got damn life so that means that I didn’t learn my lesson…

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List (No Particular Order)

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  1. Gloves at the gas station. With us still having to be cautious concerning dealing with Coronavirus there is no way in hell I’m naked handing a gas pump. Keep a few Walmart bags in your trunk so when you pull up to the pump you can stick your hand into one of these instant gloves.
  2. Lunch bags. If you don’t care about having one of those cute lunch bags to carry your lunch throw that Diet Coke, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and Doritos in that Walmart bag and head out the door.
  3. Waterproof cast cover. I once broke my…

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List (No Particular Order)

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  1. Grab a can of soda or a cup of coffee before you go into the meeting. Caffeine will keep you awake long enough to make it through the meeting.
  2. Chew gum. This will keep your motor functions going and hopefully keep you awake.
  3. Pop some type of sour candy in your mouth.
  4. Bite the tip of your tongue or inside of your cheek. Don’t go Hannibal Leture on yourself. Apply just enough pressure to keep yourself alert and blood-free.
  5. Pinch yourself. The same rules apply to pinching yourself as does bitting your tongue. …

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List (No Particular Order)

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  1. You arrive at a restaurant and ask what is the wait time and they tell you it’s a two-hour wait. (FTS)
  2. Your favorite professional sports team doesn’t make the playoffs and someone asks you will you be watching the playoffs. (FTS)
  3. You die 10 straight times on any Playstation game board. (FTS)
  4. You go to the grocery store to buy some strawberry pop tarts and all that’s left are the brown sugar pop tarts. (FTS)
  5. You see that they are charging $50 to park any got damn where. (FTS)
  6. If someone disrespects your kids or lady out in public and…

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List (No Particular Order)

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  1. We need to find a way to be able to do something with all of the food we throw away every day. There is so much food that gets thrown away from buffets and restaurants everyday it’s not funny. I know for health and safety reasons you can’t give out that food but come on. How can we justify filling up dumpsters instead of bellies with food?
  2. We have splash pads in cities across America for our kids to enjoy and play in the water. …


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