My Top 10 Observations With Pre-Teens And Facebook

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List (No Particular Order)

2 min readDec 18, 2021
Photo by Nicolò Canu on Unsplash
  1. Pre-Teens Do Not Want To Be Posted On Their Parent’s Facebook Page
  2. Pre-Teens Don’t Think Facebook Is Cool
  3. Pre-Teens Think Facebook Is For Old People Or Parents
  4. Pre-Teens Don’t Want Their Parents Following Them On Any Social Media
  5. Pre-Teens Think Their Friends Will Laugh At Them For Being On Their Parents Facebook Page
  6. Pre-Teens Will Beg Their Parents Not To Post Videos Of Them On Their Facebook Page
  7. Pre-Teens Usually Don’t Have A Facebook Page Or They Are Not Very Active On It
  8. Pre-Teens Are Entering A Stage Of Their Life When Their Parents Aren’t As Cool To Them
  9. Pre-Teens Prefer TikTok & Instagram Over Facebook
  10. I’m Still Going To Post My Pre-Teen On My Page Just To Make Her Mad

My pre-teen and her classmates made a very nice tiktok video in class today. I told her that I was going to post it on my Facebook page and she had a fit. I learned a lesson tonight about Facebook and how it is viewed by the younger crowd. Parents take note because if you have a pre-teen you may experience or already have experienced this.

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