My Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Miss Cd’s

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List (No Particular Order)

2 min readFeb 17, 2022


Photo by Zyanya BMO on Unsplash
  1. They Got Scratched Up Easily When Out Of The Case
  2. They Took Up Too Much Space
  3. They Where A Hassle To Travel With
  4. They Were Expensive
  5. If You Didn’t Have A CD Player In Your Car, You Couldn’t Listen To Your Music
  6. You Had To Go To A Physical Store To Buy Them
  7. If The CD Got Damaged, You Had To Spend More Money To Replace
  8. Fingerprints Could Lead To Skipped Tracks
  9. Trying To Maintain Your Stroke To A Skipping CD Could Be Comical
  10. Trying To Exercise With A CD Player Tied To Your Hip Was Impossible

I was going through some old boxes today when I came across some of my old CDs. I started laughing after seeing some of the sharpie-labeled CDs I created in college. We have come a long way in how music gets distributed today. If you had to play a CD right now for a million dollars, do you still have a source to use to play it?

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