My Top 10 Reasons To Turn Your Radio Volume Down

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List (No Particular Order)

1 min readApr 7, 2022


Photo by BezeVision on Unsplash
  1. You Are Pulling Up To The Church Parking Lot
  2. You Are Lost
  3. You Want Some Peace And Quiet
  4. You Don’t Want To Wake Up Your Kids
  5. You Are Pulling Up To Your Home
  6. You Are Riding Through A Neighborhood Late At Night
  7. You Are Pulling Up To A Drive-Through Window To Order Food
  8. You Just Pulled Up At Work
  9. You Look In Your Rear-View Mirror And See A Police Car Behind You
  10. You Hear Your Car Making An Unusual Noise

I am a person who loves to play my music loud in my vehicle. Above are a few situations that will make me reach for the volume button. What are some other things that will make you cut the volume down?

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