My Top 10 Reasons Why Google Reviews Are Important

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List (No Particular Order)

2 min readJun 27, 2022


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  1. Being Listed On Google Reviews Shows Credibility Of Your Company
  2. Reviews Are Looked Upon As Your Business Report Card
  3. Reviews Reflect If You Have A Service That Is Needed
  4. A Previous Customer Positive Review Is Free Advertisement
  5. You Get A Chance To See What Your Customers Think About Your Service
  6. You Get A Chance To Thank Your Customers Personally
  7. Providing 5 Star Service Will Continue To Bring In New Customers
  8. People Trust Google Reviews
  9. Google Is The #1 Search Engine People Use To Find What They Need
  10. Having Great Reviews Will Help You Land On The First Landing Page On Google For Users Looking For Your Service

If you have a business listed on Google, you know the importance of customer reviews and those five stars. The success of your business hinges on the words typed and left by happy or angry customers. With Google being the top search engine that people use to find services they need, your reviews will separate your business from the competition!

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