My Top 10 Super Bowl Memories Without Thinking

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List (No Particular Order)

2 min readFeb 9, 2022


Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash
  1. Jeff Hostetler Coming Out Of Nowhere And Leading The New York Giants To A Super Bowl Championship
  2. Eli Manning Throw And Helmet Catch By David Tyree To Secure A Super Bowl Win Versus The Patriots
  3. Devin Hester Returning The First Kickoff Of The Super Bowl For A Touchdown Versus The Colts
  4. John Elway Scrambling For The First Down, Leaping In The Air And Getting Helicoptered For The First Down
  5. The Seahawks Costing Themselves Back To Back Titles Because They Decided To Pass And Subsequently Get Intercepted On The 2 Yard Line Instead Of Running The Ball With Marshawn Lynch
  6. The Tennessee Titans Coming Up 1 Yard Short Of Winning The Super Bowl Versus The St. Louis Rams
  7. Watching Whitney Houston Sing The National Anthem. No One Has Come Close Since
  8. The Power Going Out In The Superdome During A Super Bowl Between The Ravens And 49ers
  9. Terrell Owens Performance In The Super Bowl On A Broken Leg. He had 9 Catches For 122 Yards In A Loss Versus The Patriots
  10. The Buffalo Bills Losing Four Straight Super Bowls

With Super Bowl 56 days away, I went down memory lane to see which memories stood out in the super bowls I’ve watched. What are some of the plays or memories you have from watching the Super Bowl?

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