My Top 10 Ways To End A Bad Date

Don’t Get Offended This Is My Damn List

2 min readAug 23, 2022


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  1. Ask your close friend to give you a (test) call while you are on the date. If the night is going well, let them know you will call them back later. If you are on a date from hell, that phone call was an emergency, and you need to leave to help.
  2. Just tell them the date is over. In a polite way, just let them know you think we should end this date. You can’t force chemistry!
  3. Get up and leave. They may think you are an ass-hole, but no one can make you stay.
  4. Tell them you are heading to the restroom and will be right back. Once you get around that corner, make a bee line for the exit door and leave.
  5. Show signs that you are not interested. Playing on your phone or looking at your watch every five minutes should be hints that the date isn’t going well.
  6. If on a dinner date that isn’t going well, motion for the waiter and ask them if they could please bring over the check. Fellas, foot the bill and then call it a night.
  7. Reach deep for the best performance you can muster, and then pretend that you are feeling sick and need to go. Whatever it takes to sell it, make it Oscar worthy!
  8. Look the person in their eyes and ask them why in the hell did they waste your time scheduling this date. Sometimes, you want to know and hear an answer.
  9. If you have kids, you may have to use them as an excuse. Who in their right mind will be mad at you if you say you have to leave to check on your kids?
  10. If you see someone that you know while on your date, start engaging with them more than the person sitting across from you and I’m sure the date will come to an end quickly.

We all have been in a situation where the sparks just weren’t there on that first date. If you are a rookie to the dating scene and need some pointers on how to end a date, hopefully the above tips help.

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